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Vegabites started in 1991 with a small project, being the offering vegetarian dishes in Jorun's restaurant as a variation on traditional meals.  From here on we gradually stepped into catering and delivery's of our evolving and expanding selection of vegetarian prepared meals.
Directors Jorun and Wim started this young and dynamic company with the purpose of bringing vegetarian prepared food on the market with the emphasis on healthy, natural and tasteful.


The company wants to focus on servicing the kitchens of ministry's, university's and company restaurants.  But we also want to give acces to our products to the consumer via ditributions, retails and reform and bio shops.

With fresh and healthy ingredients (being only vegetables) we bring a whole range of elaborate meals, sauces and other related products, all of them fully meatless.


We want to offer added value by choosing non manipulated and natural ingredients and meals prepared in a very original and tasteful way.

This new line in vegetarian food preparation is compared to meat and fish one of the most underestimated and scarecely offered.  At this time vegetarian products were mostly salades or fried meat lookalikes.


Quality and originality are our top priority and we our proud to offer you at this time more then hundred vegetarian products, thus playing a major role in Belgium concerning vegetarian products.


The mission of Vegabites is to be able to offer to everyone an original culinary vegetarian alternative.